We boast with three authentic ranges of cork pinboards

Off the Wall: Shaped pinboards for some organising fun

We manufacture and stock a variety of shaped cork pinboards to add character to your walls. All the pinboards in our Off-the-Wall range consist of 6mm pinning cork adhered to an 8mm Valchromat® backing board with a hanging slot. Our shaped pinboards all fit into an area of 900mm x 600mm but the designs can be resized proportionally upon request

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Tile it Up: Cork tiles for contemporary wall puzzles

Our Tile it Up range of geometric cork tiles allows for unique wall designs. Whether they are functional pinboards or simply decorative detail, they are sure to be a talking point. Play around with our variety of cork densities, colours and tile shapes – link them, spread them or even stack them! If you’d like a specific geometric shape that is not featured in our current range, we are happy to custom design tiles to your specifications.

Explore our Tile it Up pinboard range

Larger than Life: Large-scale pinboards to fit any space

Looking to upsize? Our Larger than Life range consists of custom-cut oversized cork pinboards up to 2000mm x 1000mm in size for any particular space you want fitted – be it a wall, desk or even cupboard door. All pinboards in this range consist of 6mm pinning cork adhered to a 6mm MDF backing board. Seamless pinboards are possible, depending on your choice of cork. Choose between a solid wood or painted MDF frame and the option of having the board hung, bolted or glued to the wall.

Custom pinboards can be made from any of our cork types

roasted cork
Roasted Large Density
large mix
Mixed Large Density
large density
Large Density
Medium Density
Fine Density

Had something else in mind? Let’s talk!

If you didn’t find quite what you were looking for in our online store or at our workshop, we’ll be happy to co-create a custom design with you. Whether it be a bespoke cork pinboard, cupboard cladding or large-scale wall art, if you can dream it, we can craft it.

How to get cork

Visit our workshop in Cape Town or shop online for precrafted cork products. Alternatively, give us a call or pop us an email by filling out the form below. We’d love to talk cork with you.