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Pin Board Tiles

Cork Pin Board Tiles are manufactured and supplied in various sizes and shapes. Tiles are kept as stock items and are available for you to purchase from our Showroom or from one of our Retail Partners. The Tiles are 6mm Pinning Cork adhered to a 3mm MDF backing board.

The edges of the tiles are neatly rounded to facilitate flush joints during the tiling process. Tiles are applied to the wall as a permanent installation using standard tiling practices. Any of the pinning Corks can be used to make any of the tiles and any combination of tile quantities can be ordered to suit your needs. Get Cork will gladly assist with the installation of your Pin Board wall if you so require.

Cork Wall Tiles


We stock 5 shapes of cork tiles.

These agglomerate cork tiles are available in a range of densities and sizes.

Available sizes and prices can be viewed on the
Tile Price List


Dekwall Tiles

We stock and distribute a limited selection of the Dekwall Cork Wall Coverings manufactured by Wicanders. The Dekwall Tile is a 3mm thick tile comprising two cork layers with different purposes.

A thick layer of agglomerated cork provides superior comfort, noise reduction and warmth while a decorative veneer, created by combining various shapes of natural cork, achieves a genuine and authentic natural cork visual. The outer veneer layer has a waxed or varnished finish. Get Cork, at present has three varieties and the Tiles are sold in packs of 10 tiles per pack. We offer an installation service for this product and advice is freely offered if you’d like to install yourself.

dekwall tiles

We stock these Dekwall colours


View the Deckwall Price List

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