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Shaped Pin Boards

We manufacture a range of Shaped Pin Boards. These Pin Boards are kept as stock items and are available for you to purchase from our Factory Shop or from one of our Retail Partners. We also have a nationwide delivery network, so if you are unable to pop into our shop, we can still get you the Cork Pin Board you desire.

The Shaped Pin boards are a 6mm Pinning Cork adhered to a 6mm MDF backing board, the backing board has a slot machined into it which facilitates hanging of the pin board.

Any particular shape can be manufactured using any of the Pinning Corks available and if you’d prefer, we are able to manufacture Shaped Pin Boards to suit a supplied design. Framing options are available for the Square and Rectangle Pin Boards. Please feel free to talk to us regarding your Pin Board needs.

Specific Size Pin Boards

The wall space above your desk, the convenient wall space in the office, the spot where the kids like to put up their artwork. These spaces are all a different size and some a different shape. We are able to make Cork Pin Boards to fit the particular space where you’d like a Pin Board.

The Pin Boards are all 6mm Cork adhered to a 9mm MDF backing board. Depending upon the size of your Pin Board, Strap Hangers or Coach Screws will be supplied to facilitate the hanging of the Pin Board. Painted MDF Supawood or Solid Wooden Frame options are available.

Nationwide delivery to your door is handled by our Courier Partners Express4less. Installation is also offered as a service by the Installation team at Get Cork

Custom sized pin boards 


Choose between these agglomerated corks.

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