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Cork Sheets

We Stock and Distribute Composite Cork Sheets supplied by Amorim Cork South Africa. Our Cork Sheets are available in different densities and thicknesses. Sheets are referred to as the Fine, Medium, Large, Large Roasted or Large Mixed Density, You may also hear them being referred to as an Agglomerated Cork Sheet, it’s the same thing. The Cork Sheets supplied are a uniform size of 915mm x 610mm. Nationwide delivery to your door is handled by our Courier Partners Express4Less.

A Large number of products can be made from the Cork Sheets and you are only limited by your imagination. The 0.08mm thick Cork Sheet is regularly used on the underside of coasters and placemats to provide grip as a non-slip surface. The 3mm thick Cork Sheet can be used as a drawer liner or mouse pad. I use a sheet of the 4.5mm thick Cork as a soft, sound absorbing surface on my study desk. All the Get Cork pin boards and Pin Board Tiles are made using the 6mm thick cork and at home we have Trivets made from the 10mm thick Cork. The Cork Sheets are easily glued, cut and can be sealed, stained and varnished.  Sheets can be laminated to make Cork blocks as thick as you’d like. Please feel free to chat to us about your ideas and how best to use the Cork we have to offer.

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We stock five different densities.

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